Dr Bahri Brings Lasting Healing Care to Chiropractic Practice

The fascinating aspect of Chiropractic health care is how the system of approach is non-invasive and highly beneficial for overall physical health. This is correct. In addition to being an excellent approach to chronic back and neck pain or rehabilitation from injuries, the Chiropractic concept works by clearing nerve connections to the organ systems as well. Optimization of total health is the concept, vision, and purpose and is all achieved without pharmaceutical drugs or surgery.

The main focus for Chiropractic care, such as that offered by the esteemed dr bahri, is on subluxation of the vertebrae in the spine. What happens in the body is, by injury or other causes, vertebra become twisted or slightly dislocated and impinge on nerve plexi which deliver nerve signals to vital organs. If a nerve connection is compromised, the signals to the organs are disrupted and health imbalances result and progress.

dr bahri

With regular Chiropractic care from a real professional in the practice, the subluxations can be corrected and nerve flow to organ systems is restored to normal. This enhances immunity, glandular function, detoxification, and normal organ performance. This is so important because the body is a whole interconnected organism and all systems rely on other organ systems for the whole health of the body to function at optimal levels.

Dr. Bahri is a native Canadian and now resides and works from Coquitlam, British Columbia. His primary goal is to heal people… as many as he possibly can. By utilizing a holistic approach, he addresses all physical imbalances which could be contributing to health problems and pain.

Through other holistic medical modalities like Chiropractic care, we have learned that there is a better way to prevent and treat diseases permanently so we can lead healthy, long lives with little to no need for traditional medical procedures and medications.